Barnes & 2008 -2013

Design and Layout for the B& pages

B&N Review Five Books graphic design 2008

Grey Healthcare Group 2008

Flash programming for games of the seles materials: July 2008

Strategen Creative Partners 2008

Flash Develpment

Cording for the Strategen Creative Partners Homepage Intereactive Animation

sweet'n low 50th anniversary site 2008

Flash Development

Strategen Creative Partners :
April 2008 :

FLASH development for
the 50th Anniversary homepage and the following panorama interactive animation page.

NOTE:Illustrations were done by other designers.

Asian contemporary art week 2002-2009

Design and Development

Asia Society and Museum :
March 2008 :

Commissioned by Asia Society
since 2003, Responsible for design and develop Flash based website.

NOTE: The Blog page was developed by Inhye Lee.

Hess Corporation Annual Report 2008

Flash Develpment  Click Here to view the page in

INC Design :
March 2008

Cording for the Hess Corporation Interactive Annual Report 2007

pepsi do more

Design, implementation, and Flash Animation.  Click here to view the demo

Communicators Interactive :
June 2007

Design and implement entire demo website. This site targets teenagers to bring their attention to the environmental issues. It was used for DO MORE worldwide website presentation to PEPSICO by Communicators Interactive.

inc design

Flash Development

INC Design :
October - November 2007 :

Working with an art director develop Flash based website for the design firm.
AS2 and XML
(develop the entire site, except for the opening animation)


London Squared Production

Flash Development

London Squared Production :
March 2008

Update the video production company's website. ActionScript and Flash Video


Sepia International Inc.

Design and Flash Development

Sepia International Inc. :
June 2004 - June 2007

Update the Flash based website for the photography gallery. Design new exhibition pages, past exhibition listings, updating news, and other pages.

OPS Atelier inc

Design & Implement the entire site

OPS Atelier inc: 2006

Design and coding the website for architecture firm

Mutation Field -The Monster World

Illustration, Animation, and Flash Game development.   Click here for the demo site

ITP 2002 Fall Show :
Dec 16 2002 :
This is a website where multiple users can interact with. The user can create his/her own creature in this field and see how the creature, which actually start from human,is growing and transforming into a monster in three days. They can also see creatures that other users make. Creatures are changing their figure unpredictably over the time. It employed Flash, XML and mySQL.

SeesawC English Educational CD-ROM

Art Direction & Graphic Design    Click here to view more images

Aiga Areba Daijobu Co, Ltd.:
Tokyo Japan
1997 ~ 2000 :

Graphic Design
Photoshop and
Strata Studio Pro (3D)

NOTE: The character was designed by others.

NHK TV Animation Title Design

Graphic Design  

Aiga Areba Daijobu Co, Ltd.:
Tokyo Japan
1997 ~ 2000 :

Graphic Design

NOTE: The characters were designed by others.